Hainesville Projects Updates

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running list/log of ongoing projects.
Mayor Gerry Daley

Public Works Well
3/2/22–The Board has approved the development of a new well at a cost of approximately $738,000.  The design and permitting of this well will take approximately 1 year.  We are investigating applying for appropriate grants to help fund this project, along with the possibility of borrowing some funds and using some of our internal reserves.  The well should be completed and operational within 2 years.
8/24/22–A topographical study has been performed on the proposed site and the designing process has begun.
12/8/2022–The design development is underway.
3/23/2023–Well construction should start early this summer.


Summer Roadwork
3/23/2023–This summer we will be repaving the Hainesville portions of Littleton Trail, Heritage Trail, Littleton Court, Pineview Drive, Fairlawn Drive and Forest Glen Drive. We will be applying “rejuvenator,” a product which extends the life of the asphalt,  to Patriot, Haines, and Tower Drives.  We will also be crack sealing a number of streets yet to be selected.
5/24/2023–Street preparation for repaving is schedule to start approximately June 12th and continue through the middle of July.

Additional Projects
The Village Hall parking lot will be repaved.  Our bike paths will be crack sealed and seal coated. A pair of flashing crossing beacons will be install at Hainesville Road and Big Horn Drive.

Sidewalk and Curb Repair
3/23/2023–We will continue to repair sidewalks and curbs based upon the observed condition and budget.

Well House Improvements and Repairs
3/23/2023This year’s work will include replacing existing and outdated heaters and dehumidifiers. Also, the chlorine gas detectors will be replaced. The Public Works crew will also be clearing, cleaning and painting the outsides of the well buildings. There will be more work done during the next fiscal year.


Sidewalk Repair and Tree Trimming

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