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This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running list/log of ongoing projects.
Mayor Gerry Daley

Public Works Well
3/2/22–The Board has approved the development of a new well at a cost of approximately $738,000.  The design and permitting of this well will take approximately 1 year.  We are investigating applying for appropriate grants to help fund this project, along with the possibility of borrowing some funds and using some of our internal reserves.  The well should be completed and operational within 2 years.
8/24/22–A topographical study has been performed on the proposed site and the designing process has begun.
12/8/2022–The design development is underway.  If all goes according to plan the well should be up and running by this summer.


Lift Station Repair
The Village’s two lift station collect and then pump waste water to either the Fox Lake or Gurnee Water Treatment Facility.  The lift stations are approximately 30 years old and have only had minor repairs done.  The Village spent $10,000 in 2021 to have the lift stations evaluated.  The outcome is that they need approximately $1 million in work.  Bids will be open on April 14th with work scheduled to begin in early June.
7/6/2022–A pre-construction meeting was held with the contractor on June 30th to discuss the timeline for this project.  Unfortunately, like has happened in many areas, the electronic components that operate the lift station and are being replaced, are in short supply.  It is still my belief that the project will be completed no later than the spring of 2023.
12/8/2022–The Cranberry Lake Lift Station work is done for the season. The pump will be replaced in the Spring.  The Lisk Lift Station work began this week and should be seasonally wrapped up with 2 weeks.  The special interior coating will be applied in the warmer weather of Spring.

Road Repaving
30/22–We will be repaving in the Union Square neighborhood including Haines, Patriot, and Tower roads.  Bids will be opened on April 14th.
6/29/22–Repaving work on Tower, Haines, and Patriot Drives is underway and should be completed by mid-July.
8/24/22–This project has been completed.

Wells 1 & 3 Evaluation
3/30/22–As we did with the lift stations last summer, we have budgeted $10,000 to evaluate the condition of our two existing wells.  This evaluation includes all of the pumping equipment, treatment equipment, controllers, building and the well shaft itself.  Additional money has been budgeted for potential repairs.
8/24/22–This project has not yet begun, but will be completed this fiscal year.
12/8/22–The evaluations have been completed and I am awaiting the written report

Sidewalk Repair and Tree Trimming
7/6/2022The Public Works crew is working on replacing numerous sections of sidewalk throughout the Village.  This is part of an ongoing process to keep our walkways safe. 
The crew is also trimming easement trees throughout the Village.  The goal is to keep a safe clearance for those who use our sidewalks and for the vehicles that use our streets.  They are also removing dead trees from the easement area, around the edges of the wetlands, and the area around Cranberry Lake.
8/24/22–This project is still in progress and will continue as long as the weather allows.
12/8/22–These projects are complete for the season.

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