Prevailing Wage
The Illinois Prevailing Wage, 820 ILCS 130/1 et. seq. requires that for certain public works projects, prevailing wage be paid. It also contains some administrative and record keeping requirements that the Village and its contractors are mandated to strictly follow. The Village requires that on projects which require prevailing wage, copies of all Certified Transcript of Payroll be submitted prior to an invoice being paid.In order to help facilitate this process, the following are links to the Illinois Department of Labor’s website for prevailing wage information. They also may be reached by calling 217-782-1710.The Village’s June 2018 Prevailing Wage Ordinance can be found here: June 2018 Prevailing WageIn addition, current prevailing wage rate information from the Illinois Department of Labor can be found at: Department of Labor website: Transcript of Payroll (CTP – fillable form):

Instructions for completing the CTP form:

Prevailing wage rates for current and past months:

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