A one-time mailing of our special newsletter will be included with the utility bills this month  explaining “What Happened to the Water”.

During the early evening of Sunday, November 11th we lost water pressure Village wide.  The cause of the problem was the failure of a piece of electronic equipment located in the water tower.  The equipment (called a transducer) is supposed to send a signal to the well house when the tower water reaches a pre-determined level.  The signal starts the well pump which then pumps water until the tank is refilled.  In operation, it is like the float in your toilet tank.  When the float goes down it opens a valve that allows the tank to fill.  Eventually the float rises to a level that shuts off the water flow.

When the water level got too low to sustain pressure throughout the system, an alarm was sent to Robinson Engineering, the company that runs Hainesville’s water and sewer system.  A technician was dispatched immediately and they notified me that a problem was occurring.

At the same time, Trustee Wally Kriese noticed the drop of pressure at his home and called me (I was in northern Michigan) to inform me of the problem.  I then called out our Public Works staff and contacted Terry Grom of Robinson Engineering to find out the status of the situation.

At approximately 7:05 pm the Village Clerk Kathy Metzler placed a CTY call out to all the residents who had signed up for the service. The message indicated that we were looking into the problem.  That information was also placed on our website and our Facebook page.

At approximately 9:30 pm a second CTY call and website posting were placed stating “The water system problem has been resolved and the water has been tested and found to be safe for consumption.”

We are currently researching a redundant pump signaling system that will signal the well pumps if the first transducer fails to do so.

I want to thank the staff of Robinson Engineering, Village Clerk Kathy Metzler, the Public Works staff, Trustee Kriese, the police and fire department for all their help that evening.

I also want to thank the residents and businesses for their patience throughout this incident.  I would encourage anyone who has not signed up to receive CTY calls/texts/emails to go to the Village website at www.hainesville.org.  On the lower right, use the “Connect CTY” box to sign upMark your calendars for Sunday, November 25th.   We will do a TEST CTY call at 2:00 p.m.  If you do not receive this CTY call/text/email then you are not on the list.  If you want to receive these notifications please go to our website and sign up. 





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The Cranberry Lake Path is closed until further notice.  During an inspection of the path by a licensed arborist, it was discovered that there are over 80 trees that are in danger of falling.  The Village will begin removing these trees in the very near future. Thank you for your patience. Election Day is November […]