Village of Hainesville residents are serviced by Grayslake and Round Lake Area School Districts. Grayslake Elementary School District #46, Round Lake Unit School District #116, and Grayslake High School District #127 all serve Hainesville. Students living in the western portion of the Village attend Round Lake Area Schools. Students living in the eastern portion of Hainesville attend Grayslake District #46 for Grade Schools(K-8) and Grayslake District #127 for High School. There are several parochial schools in the Grayslake and Round Lake areas.

Hainesville Resident Schools

West Side of Hainesville Road

  • J. Murphy Elementary (1st-5th), 847-270-9950
  • John T. Magee Middle School (6th-8th), 847-546-8800
  • Round Lake Senior High School District #116 (9th-12th), 847-270-9900

East Side of Hainesville Road

  • Prairieview (K-4th), 847-543-4230
  • Frederick (5th-6th grade), 847-543-5300
  • Grayslake Middle School (7th -8th grade), 847-223-3680
  • Grayslake Central High School District #127(9th–12th), 847-986-3300

Colleges in Grayslake

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