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Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running
list/log of ongoing projects.  Each entry will include a date which will enable you to see the chronological progress of the project.  I plan on providing a quick explanation of each project and then bullet point updates.  If you have questions, feel free to call me at the Village Hall.      Mayor Gerry Daley

The Gathering Place
9/28/19–The project is 98% complete and open to the public.  All that remains is the seeding of the center section with prairie grasses and flowers.  That will take place late this fall and we hope to see the bloom next spring.

Cranberry Lake Tree trimming and removal
2/14/19–During October of 2018, the Village hired Urban Forest Management, Inc. to perform a Hazard Tree Assessment for the area surrounding Cranberry Lake.  We did this after our Public Works team noted a number of apparently dangerous trees along the path.  The assessment noted 80+ trees that needed to be removed asap because they were a safety hazard either to people on the trail or surrounding homes.  The trees for which the Village was responsible have been cut down.  Some log clean up remains as does a large amount of pruning and trimming of other trees.  That work will take place throughout this year.

3/6/19–Log clean up began today.  It will take 3-4 days to removed the downed logs.

3/13/19–About 50% of the downed logs were removed before the ground got too soft and no longer could support our machinery.  The work will continue once the path dries.

5/28/19–Approximately a third of the previously dropped trees have been removed from the area.  Obviously, the rain has made it nearly impossible to get our equipment onto the path to remove the remaining material.

6/25/19–The continuous rain has made it impossible to proceed with this project.  We’ll have to wait until the path dries sufficiently to support our equipment.

7/16/19–The removal of the trunks that were left standing last fall has begun.  All of the remaining stump removal and tree trimming will be an ongoing project.

7/25/19–All of the trunks that remained after last fall’s cutting have been removed.  We will perform some stump grinding and then (as time and work allow) will begin pruning the trees that were noted in last year’s evaluation.

9/19/19–Pruning of the remaining 60 trees from last year’s survey will start early in October, 2019.

Final Summer Roadwork

8/28/19–Crack sealing will begin in the next two weeks and will take approximately 2-4 days.

9/19/19–Crack sealing began today.

Water Tower System Update

8/28/19–At last night’s meeting the Village Board approved the purchase of a new controlling system for the Water Tower and wells.  Ever since the Village lost water pressure in November, 2018 we have been pursuing a system that not only would regulate the depth of water in the tower but would also provide a redundant system in case the first one failed.  The system that was purchased meets that goal.  The tentative completion date is late January, 2019.


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