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Hainesville Projects Updates

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running
list/log of ongoing projects.      Mayor Gerry Daley

Public Works Well
4/30/20–Currently the Village has two wells that provide water to the entire Village.  Neither well can, by itself, provide adequate flow to meet the Village’s needs.  A third, stand alone well exists on the property that houses the Public Works Garage.  Starting today, we will begin testing this well to see if it can produce enough flow to become an emergency back up to the other two wells.  If it can, we will begin a multi-year process to upgrade it and connect it to our current system.  This year’s allocation is approximately $25,000.
5/22/20–The test outcome was exceptionally good.  The PW well can out produce either of the other 2 village wells.  We are currently investigating the best fiscal approach to build and connect this well to the Village’s supply system.
10/21/20–The direction of this plan has changed.  Building a new standalone well was estimated to cost $1.2 to $1.5 million dollars.  A new approach would have us drilling an additional well within each of our current well houses, adding new pumps and chemical treatment equipment at approximately $300,000 per hole.  If approved this project and costs would be spread across a 2-year period.

Village Wide Tree Trimming and Removal
4/30/20–Easement trees will be trimmed as needed throughout the Village.  Also planned is the removing of numerous dead trees that border our various wetlands.  This includes trees bordering the north boundary of Avon Township ball fields, the eastern edge of the Deerpoint Drive wetlands, and, time permitting, various other areas.
5/22/20–Approximately 1/3 of the Avon project is complete.  Dryer conditions will be necessary before access can be gained to the rest of the area.
6/5/20–The trimming crew is now working just north of Hwy 120 on wetland property that adjoins Grayslake.
6/9/20–The Avon Ball Field trimming is complete as is the area that adjoins Grayslake.  The next areas to be attended to are the trees that are in the easement along our streets and those around Cranberry Lake.
8/13/20–Most of the easement tree trimming is completed.  We now need to deal with a number of storm damaged trees in the various wetlands that pose a safety problem to residents and/or their property.
9/17/20–The easement trimming is complete.  The storm damaged trees have been taken care of and we are working our way through the wetland borders, clearing away trees and brush that is infringing upon private properties.
10/21/20–This project is complete for the year.

Sidewalk Repair Program
6/5/20–Last year we had a firm survey all of the Village sidewalks and rate them on condition.  Public Works will continue to repair sidewalk panels, based upon that survey, throughout the summer as time allows.  Three areas have already been addressed this spring.
7/1/20–Public Works began prep work on more sidewalk sections that are in need of repair.
7/28/20–Public Works is pouring concrete over the next couple of days in the areas that were previously prepared.  More sections of sidewalk will be repaired as the summer progresses.
8/13/20–The program continues.
9/17/20–We will be pouring more concrete next week and will continue with this project as long as the weather allows.
10/21/20–The last areas of repair or replacement were dug last week and should be finished in a week or two depending on weather.

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