Village Projects

Hainesville Projects Updates

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running
list/log of ongoing projects.  Each entry will include a date which will enable you to see the chronological progress of the project.  I plan on providing a quick explanation of each project and then bullet point updates.  If you have questions, feel free to call me at the Village Hall.      Mayor Gerry Daley

Looking Forward

10/16/19–With winter approaching, our outdoor projects are either complete or on hold for appropriate weather.  However, this is when we begin planning and budgeting for next year’s work.  Watch this space for a future listing of approved projects.–Mayor Daley

The Gathering Place
10/30/19–Join us next Spring for our dedication of our park.  Detail will be announced later.

Cranberry Lake Tree trimming and removal
9/19/19–Pruning of the remaining 60 trees from last year’s survey will start early in October, 2019.

10/16/19–We plan on planting 20 new trees next year as a step towards repopulating the area.

Water Tower System Update

8/28/19–At last night’s meeting the Village Board approved the purchase of a new controlling system for the Water Tower and wells.  Ever since the Village lost water pressure in November, 2018 we have been pursuing a system that not only would regulate the depth of water in the tower but would also provide a redundant system in case the first one failed.  The system that was purchased meets that goal.  The tentative completion date is late January, 2020.


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