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Thursday, February 1st, 2018

This space will be used to provide the Village residents with a running list/log of ongoing projects.
Mayor Gerry Daley

Street Repaving and Curb Repair
The contract for the repaving and curb repair of Emerson, Aspen Circle, Elk Court, and White Lane has been given to Peter Baker and Son.  Once the paperwork is approved by the State work will begin.  It will likely be mid-summer.
6/9/21–The work has begun with curb repair being the first step.  This project will kick off in full on or about 6/14 and run to the middle of July.
7/13/21–Road resurfacing was finished last week. However, there are two remaining portions of the job remaining.
1) Completion of the punch list.  After a project is mostly complete, the work is inspected and minor problems are listed and given to the contractor to make corrections.  This list is called a punch list.  2)  The application of a product named Pavement Rejuvenator.  This product increases the life span of the newly applied asphalt.  It is tentatively scheduled to be applied in mid-August.  Residents on the affected streets will be notified prior to application.
8/3/21–Rejuvenator to be applied on August 19.  Explanatory fliers will be distributor to residents’ doors on 8/4.
9/2/21–This project is complete.

Misty Hill Pond East Erosion Control
We will be repairing obvious areas of erosion around the southeast area of the pond.  Start date is TBA.
6/9/21–Planning is underway but the construction start date has not been established yet.

Water Tower and Reservoir Repair
The engineering contracts have been let.  Start date is TBA.
6/9/21–No update as of yet.  It will be done this summer.
9/22/21–Proposals have come in that were higher than expected.  We will seek new proposals this winter with the hope of performing the work this upcoming spring.

Wetland Channeling
4/28/21–We are entering the final year of a 4 year project whose goal was to increase the water flow in the wetlands which will help reduce flooding.  This year we will dig a channel north of the Avon ball fields from Hainesville Road to Elk Court.  Start date TBA.
6/9/21–It looks like a mid-July start date.
7/15/21–The start date has been moved to mid-August.
8/3/21–Work began today.
8/17/21–This work is completed.

Village Wide Tree Trimming and Removal
3/18/21–Easement trees will be trimmed as needed throughout the Village.  Also planned is the removal of numerous dead trees that border our various wetlands.
4/29/21–The tree trimming and removal of dangerous trees will begin this month weather permitting.
6/9/21–The crew has been working on tree removal along the edges of the wetlands.
8/17/21–The majority of this work is done.

Sidewalk Repair Program
3/18/21–As we have the last two years, we will continue to repair sidewalks throughout the Village.  We will be repairing trip hazards, cracked, broken, and badly spalled sections as time and weather allows.
4/29/21–Sidewalk repair and replacement has begun and will continue through the summer as time and weather allows.
6/9/21–The work continues but has slowed due to a decreased crew size.
8/17/21–Our work crew continues to diminish.  Sidewalk repair will continue but we will come no where near our summer goal.  The unfinished work will be moved to next summer’s list.

Storm Sewer Line Evaluation and Repair
This is year 1 of a 2 year project.  We will video inspect approximately 50% of our storm sewer lines.  Blockages, if found, will be removed and repairs will be performed as necessary.  Next year we will complete the project.
6/9/21–National Power Rodding is just over half way through the $125,000 allotment for this summer’s work.  They have found very little damage or blockage.
6/29/21–This project is finished for this year.  The company videoed approximately 1/2 of the Village’s storm sewer lines.  Two damaged lines were found and are under repair as I type this.  The remaining storm lines will be videoed next summer.

Wetland Clearing
We will continue to clear an 8 to 10 foot area behind the houses that back up to our various wetlands in order to prevent further incursion onto private property.
6/9/21–Project is underway and will proceed as allowed by staffing and weather.
8/17/21–The majority of this work is completed for this summer.

Public Works Well
4/30/20–Currently the Village has two wells that provide water to the entire Village.  Neither well can, by itself, provide adequate flow to meet the Village’s needs.  So we will be reviewing numerous options that, in the end, will provide us with more than sufficient water supply.
3/18/21–Upon further review of the options and the goal I want to obtain, We are again looking into a standalone well.  We abandoned the idea of adding a new well hole at our two current sites because of the possibility of the equipment that would serve both well holes failing.  If that were to happen, we would still be depending on only one service point.  My goal for this project is to always have two service points available to the Village.
6/9/21–Figures are being put together now.  Once we have an accurate cost estimate we can start discussing financing options.
8/17/21–The figures are in and are now being fine tuned.  My goal is to establish a fourth well as economically as possible.
9/22/21–The Village Board will hear a presentation on this topic during the October Board meeting.  It is my hope that the Board will approve the project at the November meeting.

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