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Attention! As of January 1st, 2012, the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act Landfill ban for certain electronics took effect. Televisions, Monitors, Printers, Computers, Electronic Keyboards, Facsimile Machines, Videocassette Recorders, Portable Digital Music Players, Digital Video Disc Players, Video Game Consoles, Small Scale Servers, Scanners, Electronic Mice, Digital Converter Boxes, Cable Receivers, Satellite Receivers and Digital Video Disc Recorders will no longer be allowed in the regular trash. Bring these items to a SWALCO Electronics Collection (847)336-9340 or if your equipment is in good condition consider donating it to a charitable organization.

What Items Can Be Recycled?
Newspapers: ad inserts accepted
Computer Paper: white and colored paper
Junk mail and envelopes
Magazines and catalogs
Phone books: no regular reading books
Paper grocery bags: NO PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS
Chipboard/Paperboard: flatten and remove windows, liners and handles
Corrugated cardboard: flatten, 2’x2′
Aseptic Containers – Juice & Milk Cartons

Rinse all of these items before placing in recycling cart/bin-

Glass: clear, green and brown bottles and jars
Cans: metal, tin or steel can and empty aerosol cans
Aluminum: cans, clean foil and trays
Plastics #’s 1-5 and 7: discard caps and metal rings

Do not recycle:

Toys, hangers, metal parts, baby diapers, pizza boxes, plastic bags, Styrofoam, light bulbs, plate glass, Pyrex, ceramic glass, or containers that held cooking or auto oil, antifreeze, or pesticides.

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How Do I Prepare My Recycling Cart?
With the new recycling cart it is not necessary to separate any of your recyclable materials. The recyclable materials are brought to a facility that separates all of the items.

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General Information
For more information about recycling opportunities and other solid waste handling alternatives, contact SWALCO at 847-336-9340 or view the Agency’s Homepage at http://www.swalco.org.

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