Mayor Gerry Daley


My family and I made Hainesville our home in January, 1997. My wife Mary and I were married in 1977 and my daughter, Emily, was born in 1992.

I retired in 2008 from Mundelein High School where I served for 12 years as a teacher, Department Chair, and as the Assistant Principal. Overall, I have 31 years of experience in public education with most of those years spent as an administrator. Over the years, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Education from Western Illinois University; a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration from Sangamon State University (now known as University of Illinois, Springfield), and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Educational Administration from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana.

I served as a Hainesville Trustee and Chair of the Finance Committee from May, 2009 until I was elected Mayor in 2017.  During those years of falling real estate values and a slumping stock market the Mayor, Board of Trustees and I delivered 8 consecutive balanced budgets while keeping the tax rate very low.  We did this through prudent budgeting and spending.

We also began our contract with the Grayslake Police Department.  That decision, although a very tough one at the time, has served the village well.  We have a positive and productive relationship with the GPD and I look forward to the continuation of their dedicated service to our community.

My goals as Mayor are:

  • to serve our residents to the best of my ability,
  • to keep your village property taxes as low as possible,
  • to maintain the village infrastructure (water, roads, wetlands) in good operating order,
  • to seek opportunities to grow our business base,
  • and finally, to remember that Hainesville is our HOME and a place of which to be PROUD.

I look forward to serving you and our community during my term as Mayor.

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