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For missed pickups and other garbage/recycling questions call Waste Management Phone # 847-272-4145 (Single family homes only, Townhomes contact your Management Company)

The Village has contracted with Waste Management for our waste hauling company for the single family homes. The cost is $20.20 ($18.20 for seniors, residents 65 years of age and over) per month. Click here for the application.  This includes unlimited 90 gallon cart service and recycling cart. The collection day is on Wednesdays. If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday the collection will then be done on Thursday.  Click here to view the 2021 schedule.  Waste containers may be placed at the curb by 3 p.m. on the day prior to collection. Containers need to be removed from the curb and placed on the side of the resident home or in the garage no later than 8 p.m. on the day of collection. If you have any questions call Waste Management at 847-272-4145.

Yard waste season runs first Wednesday in April through last Wednesday in November

Yard Waste Stickers are not required. Yard waste may be disposed of in a paper disposable yard waste bag or a standard waste container marked with an “X”. Branches may be bundled not exceeding 4 feet in length, and 18 inches in diameter and under 50 pounds. Yard waste material that is not properly prepared will not be collected.

The electronic recycling bin will continue to be available and maintained by Waste Management at the Public Works Building on the north side. Please remember electronics cannot be placed curbside but can be placed in the bin at Public Works.

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