The Village’s mosquito applications do NOT affect Ticks.  Wide-scale tick control is not effective currently.  There are steps individual residents can take.

  • Wear mosquito repellent – 20+% DEET or Picaridin
  • Keep grass mowed.
  • Remove leaf litter, brush and weeds at the edge of the lawn.
  • Restrict the use of groundcover in areas frequented by family and roaming pets.
  • Remove brush and leaves around stonewalls and wood piles.
  • Discourage rodent activity. Cleanup small openings around the home.
  • Move firewood piles and bird feeders away from the house
  • Manage pet activity, keep dogs and cats out of the woods to reduce ticks brought back into the home.
  • Use plantings that do not attract deer or exclude deer through various types of fencing.
  • Move children’s swing sets and sand boxes away from the woodland edge and place them on a wood chip or mulch type foundation.
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs around the lawn edge to let in more sunlight.
  • Adopt hardscape and xeriscape (dryer or less water demanding) landscaping techniques with gravel pathways and mulches. Create a 3-foot or wider wood chip, mulch, or gravel border between lawn and woods or stonewalls.
  • Consider areas with decking, tile, gravel and border or container plantings in areas by the house or frequently traveled.
  • Widen woodland trails.
  • Consider host products to kill ticks on deer or rodent hosts.
  • Consider a pesticide application as a targeted barrier treatment.
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