Over 150 years ago a young boy named Elijah M. Haines (1822-1889) and his family moved from New York to the Chicago area. In 1836, the young boy purchased a farm in Hainesville. During the winter of 1841-42, Haines taught school in Waukegan (then known as Little Fort). In 1846 he surveyed and platted Hainesville. On February 26, 1847 the village incorporation papers were drafted. It is recorded that Elijah Haines met Abraham Lincoln in 1847. The two men met frequently and became well acquainted. It has been said that Mr. Lincoln spent the night in Hainesville a few times.

In 1851 Elijah was accepted to the bar and a year later he moved to Waukegan. In 1859 he was sent to the state legislature where he served eight terms. He was a member of the Illinois Constitutional Convention of 1869-70 and is considered by some historians to have been its most influential member.

Reflections of Hainesville

First published in 1976, Reflections of Hainesville is a brief history of the first 130 years of Hainesville.

Community Profile

Hainesville has the distinction of being the oldest incorporated community within Lake County (1847). Click HERE to view the Community Data Snapshot of the Village of Hainesville.

Hainesville’s Ecosystems

To learn about Hainesville’s Wetlands, Woodlands, Prairie Meadows and view Wetland Plants and Animals click HERE.

Living on The Water’s Edge

This publication is from the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission which refers to landowners that live at properties along the shoreline of a lake or stream and the immediate adjacent area.  To view click HERE.


Avon Township Youth Baseball Organization is located within the Village. The various events held at this facility attracts numerous visitors to the community. The nearby Northbrook Sports Club attracts people from throughout the state for competitive marksmanship events. Hainesville residents can utilize the Grayslake Park District and the Round Lake Park District.


Grayslake Elementary School District #46, Round Lake Unit School District #116, and Grayslake High School District #127 all serve Hainesville. Students living in the western portion of the Village attend Round Lake schools. District #116 has an enrollment of 7,075 students. Students living in the eastern portion of Hainesville attend Grayslake grade schools and District #127 for high school. District #46 has an enrollment of 4,243 students and District #127 an enrollment of 2,708 students. There are several parochial schools in the Round Lake area and in Grayslake.


The developments of Union Square, Cranberry Lake North and Cranberry Lake are the newest additions to the Village. Within the past ten years, Misty Hill Farms and Deerpoint Trails have also been built. A growing number of small manufacturing firms and other small business enterprises support the Village’s tax base.

Population: 3,444 (from special census conducted in 2004)
Population: 3,597 ( from the Decennial Census conducted in 2010)
Population: 3,688 (Revised August 27th, 2013 from Decennial Census)

Current Population:  3,546 (2020 Decennial Census taken April 1, 2020)

Government Services

The Village is served by two Fire Protection Districts; Grayslake and Greater Round Lake. The Village also has an Enhanced 911 service. Hainesville Police Services are contracted by Grayslake Police Department.


State routes 120 and 134 converge in Hainesville. The Village is served by Pace bus service to other local communities. Residents may utilize the Metra commuter rail services at nearby Grayslake and Round Lake stations.

Distance to the Chicago Loop: 42 miles
Distance to O’Hare Airport: 37 miles
Distance to Mitchell Field: 50 miles

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