Trustee George E. Duberstein


My entire life has been one of service to include the almost 27 years as a U.S. Army officer and decorated Vietnam veteran, as co-owner of a service-oriented business which saved its clients thousands of dollars, and as an elected and appointed official of a variety of boards and commissions in the various places I have lived, both here and abroad.

I really care about this village and have contributed much time as a volunteer on various projects to its service before becoming a trustee, in some cases saving the village thousands of dollars in the process.

Since becoming a trustee, in addition to attending every board meeting, my accomplishments include:

  • Chairing the successful Civil War Encampment & Battle
  • Chairing the project that created a fund to support replacement of the major components of our water system
  • Representing Hainesville on the Lake County Real Estate Rental Task Force
  • Representing Hainesville on the SWALCO Board of Directors
  • Co-chairing the annual village-wide clean up
  • Serving as the Village Board’s Public Works liaison
  • Serving as the Village’s Community Activities Advisor
  • Giving the speech in military uniform representing the mayor and the village in the 2016 Round Lake Area Memorial Day Parade

I mention the above to identify my primary areas of involvement for resident questions or concerns, although I am willing to address any question or concern that may arise.

Please feel free to contact me at

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