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Village Clerk Kathy Metzler

I was hired in May of 2000 as Project Coordinator. August 8th, 2000 I was appointed and sworn in as Deputy Clerk. April 12th, 2001 I was appointed and sworn in as Village Clerk by Mayor Linda Soto.

After completing a three-year program of 100 hours of courses related to the duties of clerk I am now a Registered Municipal Clerk and Certified Municipal Clerk which is an international designation in Illinois.

In June 2004 I was elected President of the Municipal Clerks of Lake County for a two-year term. In June 2006 I was elected as Vice President of the Municipal Clerks of Lake County which again was a two-year term.

I absolutely love my job!! I enjoy working with the Mayor, Village Staff, Trustees and working for the residents.


Deputy Clerk Roseann Stark

Originally from Chicago, my husband and I moved to Lake County in 1986. Settling in Hainesville in December, 1997 with our now adult children. I was hired by the Village of Hainesville in September of 2007 as Support Staff. In April, 2008 I was sworn in as Deputy Clerk. In addition to working closely with the Village Clerk I am the liaison between the Lake County Building Official and the Village regarding Building Permits. I like working at the Village because no two days are alike. The position has given me an opportunity to learn many different aspects of working for a municipality.


The Village Clerk and the Deputy Clerk are an administrative position appointed by the Mayor. The Village Clerk and the Deputy Clerk serves as the official keeper of the Village records and Village seal. The position is primarily responsible for managing and maintaining all legal records, files and documents for the Village, overseeing all municipal publications and public notices as required by state statute or local ordinance, and assisting in the preparation and coordination of Board Meetings, elections, hearings and other events regularly held by the Village.

Foreclosure Notice Of Foreclosure

Pursuant to 735 ILCS 5/15-1503 foreclosure notices shall be sent to the following address:
Village of Hainesville
Kathy Metzler, Village Clerk
100 N Hainesville Road
Hainesville, IL 60030

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